Dairy Forecast Service 2017-2018 season.


Alerts: Have a look at your alert settings and make use of the options available to customise your alerts. Please feel free to experiment with settings and provide feedback on your experiences onsite, especially if there is a threshold or variable that you can’t find but would like to see incorporated into the service. Click here to check your alert settings

THI: The Temperature Humidity Index (THI) has been around for a long time, however it is not always clear how to set alert thresholds. Dairy Australia has defined thresholds that cover most situations, most of the time but what do you do when conditions are not the norm? How do you adjust the alerts settings to account for your particular conditions. With the customised alert settings dairy’s can keep the traditional alerts as well as set alerts that reflect local herd adaptations and climatic conditions onsite. for more information about how to refine your alerts take a look at Revisiting the THI

FAQ: We have added some new entries into the Frequently Asked Questions section, have a look.


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