Welcome to the 2016-2017 Dairy Forecast Service operational season.

Major update to forecast data source

Dairy Australia has requested that the forecast data used to calculated the THI and issue alerts be retrieved from the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) Australian Digital Forecast Database (ADFD). We are currently in the process of integrating the forecast data stream from the BOM into the service and expect to have it operational by then end of October 2016.

The ADFD is the Bureau’s front-line forecast data source that incorporates observations, numerical weather predictions (NWP) and human forecast intervention. You may already be familiar with it as the MetEye tool on the BOM website.

The ADFD data has the following characteristics: 

  • Available twice daily between 6 am-7 am and 6 pm-7 pm  AEST
  • Hourly time-step out 7 days
  • Horizontal resolution of 5 km
  • Changing to the ADFD will have a small influence on the delivery of Dairy Forecast Service:

  • Alert delivery times is dependent on the delivery of the ADFD from the BOM, as stated this can be anytime between 6 am and 7 am AEST
  • Quality assurance of the data, its completeness or accuracy cannot be attributed to Katestone
  • Hourly Rainfall will no longer be displayed
  • Key features of the Dairy Forecast Service:

    • New National Overviews
      • National overviews are accessible via a link
      • Overviews now have a dedicated page for starting, stopping and navigating to a specific time period
    • Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) weather observations
      • Weather observations from the BOM automatic weather station (AWS) network has are now available on the site
      • Katestone uses the BOM AWS data to calculate the THI every 3 hours and display it on the web site
    • New 7 day Outlook toggle on the My Site page
      • Subscribers can select between a One day summary and a 7 day outlook
      • The outlook table displays the last 7 days of BOM AWS observations where available
      • Clicking on the date box will display the hourly detailed forecast/observation data for that day


    • Public Sites Available on My Site Page
        • Subscribers can now add any of the Public Forecast Sites to their My Dairy Page and set alerts for these sites
        • Sites are selected by State and from a drop down box of the public forecast sites
        • Added sites can be searched for by name or state and removed by the subscriber


    New Alerts

    The biggest change to the service is the addition of customised alert settings. Subscribers can now choose to enable or disable each alert individually. We have also added 4 new alert settings that are totally customisable by the user. The image below shows the new customised alert page.<&nbsp>

    Please feel free to experiment with settings and provide feedback of your experiences onsite, especially if there is a threshold or variable that you can’t find but would like to see incorporated into the service. You can send your comments to:

    Andrew Wiebe
    Ph: 07 3369 3699
    Email: andrew.wiebe@katestone.com.au