Dairy Forecast Service (DFS)

The Dairy Forecast Service helps Australian Dairy operators to proactively manage heat load in their herd. It is an early warning system providing high-resolution weather and heat load predictions for Dairy’s across Australia.

Any Australian Dairy can register for the service simply follow the registration instructions here.

2016/17 Summer Season

Welcome to the 2016-2017 Dairy Forecast Service operational season. There is a major update to introduce this year and a few reminders about some of the features that can really help Dairy operators to proactively manage summer heat in their herds.

The key feature this year is the introduction of the Bureau of Meteorology Australian Digital Forecast Database (ADFD) as the main source of weather data and input to the THI calculation. This brings the DFS inline with other services supplied by Dairy Australia.

The key reminders are that registered Dairy’s receive a weather forecast for their specific location, not just the nearest major town; and the alerts are more than just THI, they also include temperature, Atypical conditions and extended periods of heat load conducive weather.

As always we are happy to help with any aspect of the service or just to answer any questions about weather and heat load.

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