Frequently Asked Questions

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How is the THI calculated?

The temperature humidity index (THI) is calculated from air temperature (T) and dew point temperature (DewPt) using the following equation:

THI = T + (0.36 x DewPt) + 41.2

How do I customise my alerts?

Custom Alerts

You can now choose to enable or disable alerts individually. We have also added 4 new alert settings that are totally customisable by the user. The image below shows the new customised alert page.<&nbsp>

Please feel free to experiment with settings and provide feedback of your experiences onsite, especially if there is a threshold or variable that you can’t find but would like to see incorporated into the service.

How do I add a Public Forecast site to the My Dairy page?

  • Public Sites Available on My Site Page
      • Subscribers can now add any of the Public Forecast Sites to their My Dairy Page and set alerts for these sites
      • Sites are selected by State and from a drop down box of the public forecast sites
      • Added sites can be searched for by name or state and removed by the subscriber


  • How do I navigate around the forecast display?

  • 7 day Outlook toggle on the My Site page
    • Subscribers can select between a One day summary and a 7 day outlook
    • The outlook table displays the last 7 days of BOM AWS observations where available
    • Clicking on the date box will display the hourly detailed forecast/observation data for that day


  • How do I use the THI to manage heat in my herd?

    Detailed information about the Temperature Humidity Index can be found here.

    Can I change the times of my alerts?

    Not at this stage. The alerts are issued as soon as the forecast data is available. The Bureau of Meteorology releases the Australian Digital Forecast Database (ADFD) between 6-7 am daily, the Dairy Forecast Service (DFS) retrieves the data calculates the THI and issues alerts based on your alert settings.

    What’s the difference between a site user and a site administrator?

    The first person to register a site for the Dairy Forecast Service is the default nominated Site Administrator. Site Administrators are able to view, add, update, and delete contact details and alert preferences of all users registered on the Dairy Forecast Service and added to their site.

    Site Users are added to existing Dairy Forecast Service sites by their Site Administrator. Site users are able to view and update their contact details and alert preferences.

    How do I add users to my site?

    Step 1:
    Login and go to ‘Account’ > ‘Manage Users’

    Step 2: Click ‘Add User’

    Step 3: Fill in your new Site User’s details

    (Choose carefully as usernames cannot be changed)

    If you see an error message (like the one in red below), this is usually automatically corrected for you.


    Check the form details before Step 4.

    Step 4: Click the ‘Add New Site User’ button

    If you have added a new site user correctly they will appear in the list (as below) on the site that you added them to.


    • To edit a user’s details, click on their username.
    • To send them an email message, click on their email.

    I can’t login. What do I do?

    If you have lost your password or cannot remember your login details follow these simple steps to reset them:

    STEP 1: Click ‘Lost Your Password’


    Lost Password

    STEP 2: Enter your email or username

    If you can’t remember your username just enter the email address you registered for the service with. Then enter the “Captcha” code as displayed and Click the ‘Get New Password’ button. (Note: If you are unable to read the Captcha clearly, click the refresh button next to it to change it until you do). You will see a Message prompt to check your email for the reset password link.


    Captcha code

    STEP 2: Check your email

    Look for an email with the subject ‘[Dairy Forecast Service] Password Reset’ from The email will contain both your username and a link to reset your password. If you do not see the message in your inbox check your junk/spam folder, your email provider may have flagged the message as spam. If this is the case please flag the email as not spam. Click on the link.


    Reset email

    STEP 3: Choose a new password

    Clicking the ‘reset your password’ link opens a new window in your web browser where you can choose a your new password and click Reset Password.
    This can be whatever you like, but try to make it memorable AND strong (see ‘Hint’).


    Password reset

    STEP 4: Login

    You will be prompted to ‘Log in’ to the service using the username in the email and the password you just created. This makes the change permanent. Once you are logged in you can also change your password or any of your account details by going to My Account

    STEP 5: Ask for help

    If you still have not been able to login after following all of the steps above, please contact us and we will happily get you sorted and on your way.

    How do I get weather warnings?

    Alerts (or weather warnings) can be set up for you and your personnel. By going to Account->Manage Alerts. Alerts can be set for THI and Temperature.

    The alerts are sent out everyday between 7-8 am.